Discerning God’s Voice: Part 1

Have you ever had a hard time discerning God’s voice in a situation? There are so many voices in the world today from advertisements, unsolicited advice and ungodly counsel. Normally, it’s pretty easy to discern God’s voice in these situations. But what about from people that are for you?

This is a subtle, but powerful way the enemy can attack a person. ┬áTake today for example. I was at my neurofeedback session today and asked my doctor about a different type of therapy that the Spirit inside me feels may be an option. My doctor believed “it would totally undo” all the work I have done. So I should listen to the doctor 100%? Wrong.

This is where it is important to have a personal relationship with God. I was able to ask God, would this other therapy disrupt the work done unto this point? By being still and listening to God, the answer was a resounding NO.

Does this mean I’m going start this different therapy tomorrow? Of course not. My only caution is that even the people with the best of intentions, do not always know best. It’s important to learn how to use God’s voice as a filter for incoming information.