God Has a Plan For Your Life, Part 1

Have you ever stopped to think that God has a plan for your life? I know it was something that boggled my mind my entire life. I can remember thinking, There are 7 billion people on this planet. How could God possibly have a plan?

I know my thoughts were something like:

I just help to sell insurance. I’m not capable of doing God’s work. I don’t even want to allow God into my life. I can live this life on my own power and strength.

Well I can remember that it was June of 2013 when I finally surrendered to God’s plan for my life. And it was at a time when things were going seemingly well in my life. I just bought my first house, first “big boy” job, dream relationship and just finished running my third marathon of the year.

I can remember praying: Heavenly Father, as great as everything is in my life, I still feel like something is missing in my life. Show me what it is.

And that was it. Nothing more and nothing less. It was a simple prayer.

Little did I know that when I had my wisdom teeth taken out a few weeks later that the anesthesia would help to send me into the deepest of depressions that would lead to a suicide attempt 9 months later.

As a look back at the past few years, I can see why God allowed that to happen in my life. It now allows me to relate with people that are in a deep recession.

I believe I am being called to preach at some point in my life (I will cover that in my next blog). Could you imagine if I was being called to preach and not being able to relate to people that are in a depression?

Approximately 700,000 people attempt suicide every year, approximately 30,000 complete that suicide attempt each year and about 30 million live in depression. And that is just in the United States!

Now I will be able to relate with depressed people that are attempting to end their life. But the first step involved me getting on God’s plan.

The next blog will cover reaching out to those people that may be floundering in life and may not even know it. ¬†It is the people that go to work with no real purpose or passion for what they do in order to “make a living”. God Bless!

5 Replies to “God Has a Plan For Your Life, Part 1”

  1. Dear Marc – I had an opposite but similar experience! When I was a young member (19 or so) of my childhood church, I once studied the bible with a slightly older woman (early to mid 20s) who confessed to me that she had been having having an adulterous affair, and wanted to fix her life and be free of the guilt and confusion she felt. I was very much a goody-two shoes, and though I felt sure Forgiveness was available to her and felt great compassion for her…empathy was beyond me.
    My own life subsequently led me down paths as a “bad” and worse than that…and when I came across her a few years later I so much wanted to tell her…I finally understood. Being taken down many pegs from my “good girl” life has so greatly expanded my understanding of forgiveness, that I am even more compelled to share what I have learned of it than I was before.
    I truly appreciated learning how you, too, had to experience pain to serve in your ministry. Namaste.

  2. Amen! I think this quality and life experience will help your preaching. I am recovering from depression and anxiety as well, so I know just how hard it can be to struggle. It’s even worse when the church struggles in silence.

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