Have you ever had a moment in life that doesn’t make any sense?  I am sure you have as well. You try and rationalize and that just frustrates you even more.

Here is what I have discovered in these confusing and conflicting situations.  God is in the process of lining up the pieces for something awesome to happen.

Take my Electroconvulsive (ECT) Therapy sessions I have been going through.  I am scheduled for 12 sessions and everything was going great until the 11th procedure.  When I woke up I barely knew who I was, who my mom was or even the year.  Everything around me just seemed different and not in a good way.

And the weirdness didn’t stop there.  I became hostile towards people.  Hostile towards my parents.  Hostile under my breath because a church friend was 5 minutes late for coffee.  The main frustration is that I will be starting an internship in a few weeks and I would hate for something like this to get in the way.

Wednesday was not any better.  I became so belligerent that I had my parents call the cops on me.

The officer asked me, “Why don’t you come over here so we can talk?”

My response, “Like Hell!” (Note to self: This is a quick way to get handcuffed and kindly escorted to the back of a cruiser)

The raging didn’t stop at the hospital.  The staff had strap me down to subdue me and give me an injection.

Today is the first day I am having some semblance of a normal day with thoughts and various activities)

Why do I tell you all of this?  The reason that I do is that show that I although I may not know the reason God allowed to behave like this, I have a enough trust and confidence that God is working in my life and churning up the impurities buried deep with in me.  Or Maybe this is God’s way of keeping me in check.

Also, this blog is is to inspire one another when going through difficult moments in life. I refuse to write a bubble gum blog.

Grace and Peace,

Marc Kutylowski