Lessons Learned in Depression, That Couldn’t Be Learned on the Mountaintop

This message“Lessons Learned in Depression, That Couldn’t Be Learned on the Mountaintop”  will be a quick read today.  As I think about this depression over the past 2 years or so, here are some things that I have learned about myself, God, and life.

  1. I matter, I am not bad, I have power, I can do good, I can love, I am worthy, I am joy.
  2. God has a purpose not only for me but for every single believer.
  3. It’s not enough to just to go to church once a week.
  4. When God says to give the first fruits of your work and tithe he doesn’t do that to punish you.  He does it to bless you.
  5. I’ve learned how to pray more effectively to God.
  6. I’ve learned that money isn’t everything.
  7. I’ve learned God isn’t a vengeful God, but a jealous God that is after your heart.
  8. God will move heaven and earth to show you His will.
  9. Relationships are extremely important.
  10. Medical science isn’t always correct.
  11. God’s plan isn’t always reasonable.
  12. God can do a lot with only a little.
  13. Demonic spirits are real.
  14. Fasting can lead to a more intimate relationship with God
  15. God cares more about your heart than you comfort level.
  16. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.
  17. The Book of Proverbs is a great handbook of how to live a Christian life.
  18. The Book of Job teaches us how to walk through a valley experience.
  19. Sourthern Gospel music is awesome 🙂
  20. God can use depression to shape and mold us into the image of His Son.
  21. There is a limit to the darkness.
  22. God can use depression to prepare a person for His will for their life.


5 Replies to “Lessons Learned in Depression, That Couldn’t Be Learned on the Mountaintop”

  1. I would like to say that 23 is that, “I have learned I don’t have to prove anything(be good or perfect) to receive God’s love”. I do still think I need to do this often. What would you say to this?

      1. Makes total sense…that when I am not at a good place emotionally(stressed or depressed—more stressed for me) is when I believe(unreasonable) I am separated from God, and that I have to prove myself and “win” back His love and acceptance!


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