From Marc’s Heart: Are you really good Abba?

Dear Abba Father,

Are you really a good father? I have heard different theologies of that you are in control or in charge. Whatever the case, I feel you are doing a shitty job.

I was at a retreat recently and we were asked to place a stickers of where people get their identity from.

34 for work. 16 for child of God.

After all this time, that’s the best you can do Abba? Some great army you have!

Great job leading Abba. Keep up the great work of raising strong spiritual Moms and Dads.

And another thing Abba,

I don’t appreciate being sensitive to other people’s emotions and issues and then you take over a year to tell me that this wasn’t my issues. Oh but your timing is so perfect! Thanks for having me wallow in that for so long Abba.

And thanks Abba for keeping doors close and keeping me in a environment that feels like a constant reminder of the past!

And another thing Abba,

I really don’t appreciate allowing pain into a another man and then have him tell me, that is the pain You feel when you see me hurting. That’s twisted love. I don’t need someone to feel pain in order to see how you feel.

And another thing Abba,

I feel beyond disgusted with you about that basketball game that I was one point off from guessing. I told you then I didn’t want anything to do with her if I didn’t guess it correctly. Why the hell would you allow it to be so close and then have me sit with the torture of it for almost 4 years?

And another thing, thanks for that amazing book called the Bible.

You cannot convince me that everything in that is true. It’s like the telephone game. With how many times that has been translated, it has to be screwed up at some point.

I have more to say Abba, but I feel you get the point. I feel disgusted with you.

But you know what Abba, somehow I still love you and know you love me and nothing can change that…..Whoever you are.

Your Favorite Son,



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