Taking Back Enemy Territory!

Recently when I went to work, I felt a prompting to go to an area that has caused issues in the past and that God would be with me. I could sense there was some spiritual warfare that would be happening.

The non partisan  “pro life” organization I work for doesn’t fall under solicitation laws, but this area kept calling the cops  saying I was solicitating.

For a while I was avoiding the area to avoid the confrontation.

I listened to the prompting, I went to this area and sure enough  someone called the cops. I kindly introduced myself to the officers and said how the organization does not fall under solicitation laws. At first the were reluctant, but then they reached out to their supervisor.

When the officer came back, he said I was free to go about my work and if someone tried to call the cops on me again, they would ignore it!

Enemy territory was taken back! Praise God!

I could really sense that Heaven’s army was backing me up in this case, because I had such a peace when the officer’s were with me.

Note: When taking back ground from the enemy, there will be a battle, but fighting from a place of peace and  identity of being more than conquerors allows us to have victory in Jesus! Thank You Jesus!