The Adventure

I feel like for the past month or so that God has put the brakes on my life. Today (Friday) was my discharge date from Skyland Trail in Atlanta and I am now off to Memphis. Why Memphis?

Well as of Tuesday morning, I didn’t know what my next step was. My treatment team was recommending I go back to Cincinnati and work on trauma therapy. I felt an uneasiness in my spirit that this wasn’t the best step.

So I started to pray to God about where he wanted me to go. Now I had known a few places around the country that specialized in trauma resolution therapy. So I asked God, “is it Cincinnati? No. Arizona? No. Florida? No. Memphis? Yes!”

“Memphis?! That doesn’t make any sense God. I don’t know anyone there. Where would my support group be? I don’t have the finances for that.” These were just a few questions wildly going through my head. Also, I had strangely been seeing my college colors everywhere I went for the past few weeks (blue and gold)

Now I did barely know one person in Memphis. He was my favorite blogger (dannyb73) on a Kent State sports blog page. I asked God, “is this who you want me to reach out to? Yes Marc. But that’s crazy God. I don’t even know him!”

long story short, I reached out to the guy and in less then five minutes he called back and helped me find a perfect housing situation. Within about a three hour span, all of my unanswered questions were answered!

This brings me to a life principle I have learned from Charles Stanley. “Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.”

Personally, I’m scared for the next step. But if there is where God wants me to go, I will obediently follow. How can you help me personally? Well the Lord told me to set up a fundraising site to help support me over my 6-8 weeks in Memphis. I ask you prayerfully consider to assist me.

Remember my recovery has never been about Marc Kutylowski getting better. It has been about me getting better to serve others.

So as I sit here on a Megabus on my way to Atlanta, all I have left to say is,

“Fight on for Marc Kutylowski (and KSU), fight for the blue and gold, we’re out to beat the foe, fight on brave and bold! Fight on for victory, don’t stop until we’re through, we’re all together, lets go forward Marc Kutylowski (and KSU)!

Here is the link to the fundraising site: