The Awesome Impact of Your Story

I had dinner with my friend Danny this evening and he really got me thinking.  He recently converted from Judaism to Christianity a few years ago.  He mentioned the best teachers about the Bible aren’t necessarily the best sermons, but the ones that have the best stories to tell.

It made me think about my story over the past few years and my obedience towards the Lord when everything in my head tried to tell me to do otherwise. I’ve walked away from people that no longer were beneficial in my life even though I care about them deeply.  I’ve walked away from a well-paying unethical  job.  I’ve even trusted the Lord that he would spare my life during my suicide attempt.

Then it made me think a little bit deeper about the stories in the Bible and how I relate to certain biblical characters.

I feel like I’m just a David that I am just a Kent State graduate with a political science degree being called to greatness. I’ve been told recently by several people that they see me having the same impact of a Dr. Charles Stanley. That’s mind blowing for the person that worried about a $2 cup of coffee.  I feel like a Job that I really didn’t “deserve” this suffering I have been through, but recognizing that God is God and can do what He pleases. I feel like I am an Abraham when called to sacrifice my own life, but being spared like Abraham’s son Isaac at the last moment.  I feel like a Jonah being told to go to Nineveh, but going to Tarshish (57 times in my case :)) Finally, God got my attention and I am heading towards Nineveh.

I feel like we all have an awesome story to tell.  So I have a few questions for you.  What is your story to tell?  What biblical characters are you?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, how grateful we are that You are the Alpha and the Omega.  You have already planned our days in this land.  Help us to continue to seek Your guidance for your story you are building in our lives.  Then help us to have the courage to share our story and to inspire others. I pray this Jesus name. Amen.