Communication Through the Holy Spirit

Back in February, I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to write Dr. Charles Stanley a note about my suicide attempt last year. Here is what occurred:

Video Credit: In Touch Ministries

8 Replies to “Communication Through the Holy Spirit”

  1. I agree…God is good all the time! Evidence of the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit!! I wish and pray that more people would be open to this power as you are, Marc!

    I know God is using you! I pray you keep the lines open!

  2. That was awesome! You have a good message and someone will need to hear it. I don’t know who, but writing about your recovery and what’s happening will touch someone. I have Christian friends who struggle with things like multiple schlerosis, alcoholism, and financial issues, who find comfort in others and are able to give others comfort even though they’re still struggling.


    P.S. Gotta love those Polish names. I have a good one also.

  3. That is so cool, Marc! God is faithful and able! I try to catch Dr. Stanley’s weekend message, because I am always encouraged and he has the courage to speak the truth, which the Church badly needs.


    1. Always respected him because you can tell he always God to work through him instead of what I call “boastful preaching”. For that, he is a model of who I am working on becoming. It’s a process!

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