Waiting on God….Whatever the Cost

Have you ever found yourself in a situation wondering if you should act now or wait? More than likely you have. And more than likely, you wanted it now.  How many times has God warned you about getting ahead of God’s timing?

Timing is everything with God.  It is important to not get ahead of his timing, but also not to get behind in his timing.  If you are out of God’s timing, there is probably a sense of restlessness in your spirit.  God has a plan for your life and if you are out of his timing, you may just miss the best that God has for your life.

While timing is important with God, the sacrifice you may have to make is equally.  Take something like tithing for example.  How often has God wrestled with your heart to give 10% back to him.  It isn’t to punish you or to make you suffer.  But it is to show God that you recognize that God will “supply all of your needs according to His riches and glory.”

And remember God’s plan often isn’t often reasonable. It may just send you around the country so that God can teach you a lesson, that there are trustworthy people here on this planet.

The best way to stay connected with God is through prayer. And not after the traffic jam occurs and you are already running late to work.  God wants to be involved intimately in every aspect of your life.  The question is will you let Him…….whatever the cost may me.