Waiting Patiently, Expectantly and Prayerfully

Have you ever waited so long for something that you started to lose hope?  You have already seen the signs from God that he will fulfill His promises to you, but still may doubt that it will ever happen.

Let me encourage you that today is not the day to give up. Nor is any day really. God has us wait for many of reasons.  He can have us wait to teach us to totally rely on Him for any circumstance in life.  He can have us wait because He could be doing an awesome work in another person. He could be doing awesome work in you!

God knows the perfect time to release His blessings to you.  It will be a time that will have an awesome impact.  It will be a time that will bring the most glory and honor to God.  God knows when you can handle the blessing and when you can’t.

So while you are patiently waiting for God to bring a promise to pass, let me encourage you to remind God of His promises in prayer.  God loves a humble servant that “Looks to the LORD and his strength; seeks his face always.” (Psalm 105:4).

If you never have trusted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, none of this is available to you.  The good news is that it is a simple process.  Just say “Lord Jesus, come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior.”  Then step back and surrender and watch God do an awesome work through you.

P.S. 16 days until Kent State kicks off against Illinois. Go Golden Flashes!!