When God Asks Us to Do the Unreasonable

Why is it that God asks us to do the unreasonable? I believe the answer to that question is to further our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  If God did not have challenging moments in out lives, where would our dependence be.  The answer would be on ourselves.  We would be tooting out own horn saying things like:

“I got this one”

“I don’t need God for this challenge”

“I don’t need God in my life at all”

God can also asks us to do the unreasonable to test our faith level.  If you asked God to bring in the man/woman of your life into your life, and He does. Your faith would increase.  But what if God doesn’t bring you that significant other,  Do you pout and scream and say, “where is God? I thought God loved me. Some God this is.” May I make a suggestion.  God heard your prayer the very first time and is already aligning the pieces into place.  You just need to have a little patience!

The unreasonable often seems unreasonable because it goes against our culture.  We live in a culture of not only if we want it now, we can have it now. Advertisements flood the papers and airwaves convincing you that you are not good enough unless if you buy this $100 facial cream that guarantees to make you look longer.

How can a believer stop these attacks from the enemy, The first thing is to get into the Word of God and see how Almighty God sees you. Next, surround yourself with other believers that are wanting to walk the Christian life.  Lastly, I will post 30 Life Principles from Dr. Charles Stanley, that is beginning to take root within my mind.

Have a blessed night!

Grace and Peace,

Marc Kutylowski

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